Registering your Tutor services

Tutolio is an online search platform that specialises in connecting tutors to parents and students looking for private tuition. The aim of Tutolio is to provide tutors with an accessible and fully optimised platform that promotes your services to the people looking for them – like a tutoring version of TripAdvisor!

 Tutolio is the UK’s newest and most accessible tutor search platform and we would like to tell you how it works. If you’re a tutor and looking for more clients then you have come to the right place. Tutolio has been designed to make client engagement super easy – providing you with the foundation and exposure you need to attract more clients.

Whether you’re provide online learning or face-to-face tutoring (or both!), Tutolio will connect you to the people searching for subject specific tuition. We have a range of packages that will optimise your exposure and ensure your services are getting the visibility you need.

We are currently offering a 3 MONTH FREE TRIAL which includes a featured listing and individual profile. This presents as a risk-free subscription which you can cancel at any time and will help you take your tutoring service onto the next level. Just follow these simple steps and start investing in your future today.

  1. Select your package

Tutolio are offering an introductory 3 MONTH FREE TRIAL for all of our newly registered tutors. This is the Silver package and will provide you with the platform you need to start advertising your services today. Just click on our Pricing Plans tab and register for your free trial.

  1. Completing you profile

Once you have registered for our free trial, it’s now time to start building up your profile and selling yourself to your target market. This is where you can personalise your profile with a biography, a picture and a list of the services you offer. It’s important to put as much detail in as possible so that our audience will be able to determine what services you offer.

  1. Linking your profile

Your Tutolio profile allows you to link to any other platforms, websites or social media accounts you use to promote your services. This allows for a fully integrated marketing approach which will optimise your reach and visibility to the clients you are hoping to attract.

  1. What services you offer

Unlike some other sites which only provide generic listings, Tutolio allows you to go into minute detail regarding the services you offer. Input details around your location, whether you offer online tutoring or face-to-face (or both), what subjects you specialise in and at what level. You can input the days and times of your availability as well as the pricing plans you offer. This will all help with converting prospective clients as they will have all the information they need to hire your services.

  1. Client enquiries

Once the client has searched for a suitable tutor, they will be able to contact you directly via the contact information you provide in your Tutolio profile. We encourage inputting in as many options as possible as people have a different ways of communication: email address and telephone number are both essential.

Once the client has contacted you, they are now your client and your responsibility and you can then negotiate your terms and conditions on an individual basis. It’s really that simple.

Register for your Tutolio account today and start promoting your services to as many people as possible. We are always on hand to offer support and advice and our team are dedicated to bringing as much online traffic to your profile as possible.

For new registrations just click: HERE.

If you need to contact us for any reason or have an enquiry about our services then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just click: HERE.