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I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and a First Class Honours Degree, both obtained from the University of Nottingham.

I currently work part-time in a local secondary school providing 1:1 and small group GCSE Science tuition. I privately provide 1:1 and small group tuition to students ranging from KS2 through to A-level. My students are making fantastic progress and have grown in both ability and confidence.

I appreciate how hard both GCSEs and A-levels can be and like to motivate my students to achieve the best they possibly can. I like to split work into three sections: firstly, I come up with unique methods of ensuring understanding of complex material; secondly, I help students come up with creative methods of remembering the material, and finally I like to provide help in both exam preparation and technique.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me :)

Description of my services

I am offering online tutoring to all students - I will be using screen sharing combined with video chat - you will see the work that we are doing on the screen and I will talk you through everything the same as if I was sat next to you. I am happy to set online quizzes between sessions to let students put to practice what they've learnt.


Nottingham, UK

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    Nottingham, UK

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    Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level

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