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I am a highly qualified and experienced Special Educational Needs tutor in Cheshire. I am patient, kind, understanding and try to do the very best for the parents and students that put their trust in me for their educational needs.

I have a PhD in English Literature from The University of Manchester and a wealth of experience tutoring students from primary to adult.

I particularly focus on special needs tutoring, including home educated and EOTAS students, and those with a variety of additional needs. I have many students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, Autism, PDA, brain injuries, medical needs, attachment disorder and other special education needs. I am trauma-informed and have worked with looked after children. I regularly attend multi-disciplinary meetings, EHCP reviews and meetings with other professionals.

Many of my students are being home educated, or need some extra support aside from exams, and I specialise in being a flexible tutor, who can teach a variety of subjects in engaging ways. I have designed curriculum for home educated students and figured out ways to incorporate education into games, projects and experiments. I often recommend different interventions for students and make sure that my teaching is multi-sensory and kinesthetic, providing the correct skills for the child. I love working with parents and children to find what they need from education.

Additionally, I have a lot of academic experience in Disability Studies. I have a Dyslexia Training Certificate, a Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties and have passed the core modules from The National Autistic Society. I am currently completing a qualification to become a specialist teacher for Dyslexia.

I also have experience tutoring all humanities and social science subjects to a high standard up to degree level. I have a lot of experience preparing students for exams and an exemplary record in improving their grades and confidence quickly. This year on average my GCSE students improved by more than 2 grades.

I have a Masters in Medical Humanities from Kings College London, and a First Class Honours BA(Hons) from The University of Kent in English and American Literature with Creative Writing.

I am a published writer and have been published in a variety of magazines and books, as well as winning many prizes for my poetry. I can teach creative writing, as well as give advice on where and when to submit work.

I also offer proofreading and editing work. I can read essays and provide commentary on how to improve your work for a better mark. I can also edit books, essays and other work.

What really makes me different is that tutoring is my full-time job. I spend each day concentrating on lesson planning and preparation for the individual needs of my students, before teaching in the evenings. This means I always arrive at the lessons well-prepared to start making progress with you and your child. I am also interested in creating secure relationships with my students so that they can trust me with their education, this takes time, especially with kids with additional needs, but pays dividends when they can then make progress in ways that they haven’t been able to make before.

Description of my services

I teach very flexibly, and always adapt my lessons to the individual needs of the student, making sure we focus on the curriculum, while also concentrating on the weaknesses and strengths of the tutee. My first session also involves me taking an assessment of the student's progress and any weaknesses, and a chat with the student and parents about what would be the best areas to focus on and what the goals of tuition are. Exam skills are often the most integral things we learn together, and can also improve their attainment in other subjects outside of the Humanities. For a lot of my students, some focus on general exam skills improves their grades across the board. If they are not preparing for exams, I will focus on other goals, and I like to incorporate a wide-range of activities to promote learning, which means I can challenge students about their opinion in English (improving their English skills), but also make them think about sociological concepts or political ideas for example. I believe a good education should incorporate learning from everywhere! I'm friendly and approachable and hope to work together with the tutee and the parents to achieve the desired outcome of the sessions. I can provide multiple subject tutoring. For many of my students who are homeschooled or have special needs, I provide help with their homework and any school work they have missed in all subjects. I am flexible and tailor each session for the needs of the student on the day. Lastly, I am also experienced in online tuition and can offer my same friendly service online. This also allows me to fit in lessons when it would otherwise be difficult. I tutor during the day and weekday evenings.


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