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I’m a Cambridge-educated tutor and professional linguist with a love for language, literature and effective communication.

I’ve taken many language classes over the years and know there is nothing worse than a boring class. I’m creative and place a particular emphasis on learning about the culture as well as the mechanics of language.

Language classes with me will be full of culturally-specific references and will use up to date resources so you can speak with confidence and find common points of reference with native speakers. A language class with me could see us having a conversation, watching clips of foreign-language TV or films, reading passages from novels or conjugating verbs.

This interactive approach works well in person and online via video link.

I also studied English (language and literature) at A-level and have a continued love of the subject. I’m happy to teach English GCSE and A-level and general essay writing tips.

Description of my services

I offer classes in English, French, Spanish at primary and secondary school level. Also able to teach adult learners.


London, UK

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