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I am a qualified teacher, with a maths degree from Oxford and with lots of experience in helping pupils through the traumas of maths - its not really traumatic, its only maths after all!

I have taught for more than 10 years in both state and independent schools.

I have taught pupils from primary age through to year 13 Further Maths Oxbridge entrance preparation and have a proven track record in achieving results. For example, my year 11 class from last year had a 100% pass rate in their maths GCSE, despite coming to me having previously been "given up on" as never going to pass.

I am especially good at breaking down maths into easy to understand chunks, whether it be number bonds with primary pupils, the dreaded fractions with KS3 or the scarily hard Further Maths topics. I take the view that you can teach anyone anything as long as it is approached in the right way. I have led a class of "sink" pupils in an inner city comprehensive through a lesson where they all "discovered" Pythagoras' Theorem (and still remembered it 3 months later!) and have had year 8 pupils working through Year 13 algebraic proofs using multilink cubes.

One year 13 further maths pupil once asked at the end of the course why I, as one of the best mathematicians in the school, had only taught them all the easy topics. One of her class mates spluttered, laughed and said, "she hasn`t, it`s actually been all the hard stuff, she just makes it seem really simple!"

Description of my services

Face to face (south lakes covering Ulverston to Windermere) or on line tutoring in maths and further maths GCSE, A Level, MAT, PAT, BMAT and STEP as well as university level maths for engineering.


Rusland, Ulverston LA12 8JU, UK

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