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Hi there! My name is Abdul Sami and I am a Computer Science Student. I usually teach Mathematics and Physics. I have done GCSEs and A'levels myself and have scored the highest grades in Mathematics and Physics, In fact I did A'levels mathematics in a year instead of 2. I understand many students are under performing in mathematics and that is because the teachers make the subject so uninteresting and boring that students lose interest, which ultimately leads to bad grades. I will make the lessons fascinating so the student can enjoy which is very important in later years when they are choosing an education field and learning their interest can help them make an informed decision.

I provide a free demo to everyone. So there are no strings attached. So if you don't like my style there is no harm done. I would encourage you to take my offer  of free demo.

Note: I only tutor Online Via Skype. I have the proper equipment to help understand the lesson using visual aids.

Description of my services

I teach key stage 1 till A'levels. My specialty is Maths and Physics. I specially help students that are under performing and help them build a strong foundation by starting with the basics.


London, UK

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  • Alex Fredrick
    19th March 2020 at 2:02 am

    I took some lessons from him for my Son. I have to say he found the most ingenious and creative way to help him with the concepts. I can safely say i have found the tutor for my son. I never thought online teaching would be feasible but it seems not so different. Previously i was paying 30 per hour for a mediocre tutor now i think i am getting an even better for a lower price.

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